Organic Grape Cosmetics from Austria



Product Categories

  • Selected Nikolaihof Wine and Mitbringsl Variation

    Selected Nikolaihof Wine and Mitbringsl Variation 199,00 
  • Nikolaihof Elderberry Jam

    Ideal for refining desserts 8,30 
  • Nikolaihof Stewed Apricot 260g

    Ideal as a sweet side dish 7,90 
  • Nikolaihof Apricot Jam 290g

    The most fruity kind of apricot 8,50 
  • Nikolaihof Mustard Apricots 300g

    Pickled apricots and mustard 5,90 
  • Nikolaihof Grape Seed Oil 100ml

    For frying, stewing or salads, sauces 17,80 
  • Nikolaihof Sour Cherries in Liqueur 280ml

    Pickled sour cherries in liqueur 21,00 
  • Nikolaihof Stewed Plums

    Ideal for refining desserts 8,50 
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