1. What’s so special about dieNikolai?

For my organic grape skin-care I process teh resources from our own vineyards carfully by hand. All products are completely palmoilfree, mineraloilfree and formulated without any synthetic preservatives. Therfore the ingredient list is short and the cosmetics are suitable even for sensitive skin. Sustainably packed in recyclable glass and CO2-neutral boxes, my products helps to reduce the ecological footpint in your bathroom.

2. Are the products effective?

To get the highest concentration of powerful actives into the jar, I do not use any fillers or useless ingredients. Therefore already a little drop of my products will support your skin intensively.

3. What is Demeter?

Demeter stands for products from bio-dynamic agriculture; in many ways, its standards belong to the most strict worldwide. The aim is to work sustainably and in harmony with nature, to keep it fertile for the next generations.

4. Are the produts certified organic?

Yes, all products are certified organic by “Austria bio-guarantee” and fullfills all criterias for sustainable natural cosmetics.

5. Are the produts vegan?

Not all products are vegan! Since I am using eg. beeswax for texture instead of exotic ingredients some of my products are not 100% vegan. In my special care line I also make use of cream an ghee to treat irritated and stressed skin naturally.

6. What is the Wachau valley?

The Wachau is an about 40km long valley along the Danube, bordered by the monastaries Melk in the west and Göttweig in the east. Its mild climate favoured the viniculture centuries ago, which formed the characteristic landscape over time and is now UNESCO world heritage. By train and car the Wachau valley is about one hour west of Austrias capital Vienna.

7. How to use the serum correctly?

You can use my serums complementary to your usual skincare to fight signs of aging and support your skin additionally. Depending on your skins need you may use them morning and evening after cleansing, prior to your cream. The light texture of the serum will penetrate easily and you can apply your face cream directly afterwards.

8. Are the products tested on animals?

No, non of my products nor the ingredients I use have been tested on animals.

9. Why is alcohol used in the products?

Alcohol is the most natural conserver and helps me to avoid any synthetical preservatives from the labaratory. Since I am using our own bio-dynamic, not de-naturated alcohol in a very small concentration it does not harm your skin and is all organic.

10. Does alcohol dry your skin out?

Depending if the alcohol is denaturated and if it is used as (cheap) filler it can dry out your skin. Therefore I am using organic, not de-naturated alcohol in a very small concentration to make sure all products are even suitable for sensitive skin.