Nikolaihof Grape Seed Oil 100ml

For frying, stewing or salads, sauces


The grape seed oil naturally has a green-golden color, tastes and smells characteristicly of grape, pomace and nuts.

It has a high smoke point (over 190°C) and is therefore ideal for frying and stewing. In the cold kitchen it is often used with salads, sauces and dips to give it a particularly fine, spicy note.

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Nikolaihof Grape Seed Oil 100ml

Grape Seed Oil is one of the most precious native oils and a real marvel of nature It is best known for its beneficial effects for the body. That is why we use it not only in the kitchen, but also developed cosmetic products based on grape seed oil. The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids improves the balance of blood cholesterol levels and antioxidants, such as vitamin E and reserveratrol, help to neutralize harmful free radicals in your body and on your skin.

The green-golden oil has a high smoking point (190°C) making it suitable for frying and cooking. Due to its nutty-spicy character it is also often used in the cold cuisine for salads, sauces and as a dip.

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