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My origin


I am the youngest family member of the winery Nikolaihof Wachau, a special place with almost 2,000 years of history. With high-quality resources and love for nature, quality products have been made here for centuries. For more than 40 years, the Nikolaihof has follo- wed the anthroposophic philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, as one of the first wineries worldwide.

Certified by Demeter, we meet the world’s strictest standards in bio-dynamics and we are proud to count ourselves among the pioneers when it comes to quality and sus- tainability. The bio-dynamic agriculture at the Nikolaihof is not only understood as production method, but as a holistic way of being that is reflected in all areas of our life. Our overriding principle is to focus on putting strength and energy into agriculture by intervening as little as possible in natural processes.
This is important to me
High quality ingredients from certified biodynamic agriculture, preferably directly from the region - that is what I demand.
The raw materials for my skincare products are carefully processed by hand, while I completely avoid palm oil emulsifiers and paraffin, without compromising either quality or texture. This is a big challenge, which I will gladly take on. I often use raw materials, whose positive effects on skin have long been forgotten. Many of those resources are now replaced by modern laboratory products, which is sad, because there are fascinating plants in our own Wachau vineyards and the entire region. By using these unique raw materials from certified Demeter cultivation - turned into elegant textures - I support my skin’s natural strength while leaving as little of a footprint in nature as possible.
dieNikolai Philosophie
dieNikolai Philosophie

Certified by Demeter


I am particularly proud that all products of Nikolaihof are certified by the strict standards of Demeter - of course, this also applies to all skincare products. Demeter stands for products from bio-dynamic agriculture; in many ways, its standards belong to the most stringent worldwide. The aim is to work sustainably and in harmony with nature, to keep it fertile for the next generations.



Not only for my products but also for all packaging and brochures I make sure to use organic and recycled materials whenever it is possible. Therefore all my face care products and even samples are filled in glas jars and all boxes are printed with environmentally friendly colours on recycling material.
dieNikolai Philosophie
dieNikolai Pflegephilosophie

My skincare philosophy


To ensure that the precious ingredients of your skincare penetrate into your skin to support it, you should establish a daily facial skin- care routine. Start in the morning and evening with a facial cleansing (cleansing gel, foam or milk). Your skin will be released from makeup, pollution and sebum and prepared for your care. To ensure that all impurities are removed, you can optionally use an additional facial tonic. If you are using a serum, this is the next step. Afterwards apply a hazelnut-sized amount of your product onto the face, neck and décolleté and spread it evenly. Make sure you address your individual needs of your skin with your skincare to ensure you get the results you want

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